vidence of cremation dates from antiquity, and for many cultures and religions, cremation has been the preferred burial custom. Today, cremation provides an excellent choice for families wanting this clean disposition, with opportunities for burial, placement in an above ground niche, or transportation to a distant city.

Today, many select cremation for spiritual as well as more practical purposes, and memorial gardens and columbaria provide niches for the placement of urns. Once a family has decided on cremation, selecting a crematory is the next important decision. For the past 18 years, Paradise Memorial Crematory and Paradise Memorial Gardens have assisted families who have chosen cremation for their loved ones, each cared for to the highest professional standards in this very specialized service.

We encourage families who, for reasons of religious faith or personal concern about the cremation process, to come to Paradise Memorial Crematory to witness the initiation of the procedure.

Paradise Memorial Crematory is the finest facility in the Southwest, and the retorts, or chambers in which the cremation takes place, are the most environmentally friendly found anywhere in the world today.

Along with the finest equipment, certified operators, and careful management, we strive to provide the quality of care and kindness we desire for our own families as we serve your family in its time of need.

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